Business banking in the Netherlands


You can open a bank account at any bank in the Netherlands, even if you don't live in the Netherlands. You can open a personal account, as well as a business account. If you are working and living in the Netherlands, most banks in the Netherlands have a variety of services for expats.

Opening a current bank account in the Netherlands

If you live in the Netherlands, it is convenient to have a Dutch current account. You can pay your rent by standing order or direct debit, or transfer money to your home country, for example.

Documents generally required to open a Dutch bank account:

  • BSN burgerservicenummer:
    You need to be in the possession of a Citizen Service Number, in Dutch: Burger Service Nummer or BSN, to open a bank account in the Netherlands. You’ll get this number when you register with the Municipal Personal Records Database, in Dutch: Basisregistratie personen or BRP, or directly from the tax office.
  • A valid ID
    To open an account with any bank in the Netherlands, you need to provide identification such as a valid passport or an ID card.
  • A residence permit (if applicable)
    For non-EU citizens, registration with the IND, in Dutch: Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst, and a work permit or business visa are also required. 
  • Proof of address
    You also need proof of residency from the Municipal Personal Records Database, in Dutch; gemeentelijke basis administratie or GBA, and a verification document such as your electricity bill or a rental agreement that states your address.

If you open a joint account you must present the documents described above for both holders. Minors under 18 opening a current and/or savings account must be accompanied by at least one legal representative, and their own identification should also be brought.

Opening a business bank account in the Netherlands

If you have set up your business in the Netherlands and want to open a Dutch business bank account, the process is essentially the same as it is for opening a private account. But, as well as the above personal details, you should also have all of the necessary details concerning your business. For example your company registration number, in Dutch: KvK nummer and a record of your turnover. Most banks in the Netherlands have different types of business accounts depending on the turnover of your company.

After signing up for a bank account in the Netherlands

A bank account operates from the day it is opened. After opening a bank account you will receive postal notification when your bank debit card is ready for collection. You must go in person, taking your passport or other acceptable identification such as a driver's license. Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) code will arrive separately in the mail. This is a personal four-digit number used for all withdrawals, internet banking, and some bank transactions.

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