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Starting a business in the Netherlands

Is your business ready for new opportunities? Are you prepared for the next step of operating internationally? Eindhoven is a very attractive place to start a business. The city offers countless opportunities thanks to the presence of international businesses, attractive taxes and an innovative business community.

Why choose Eindhoven to start a business?

Most importantly, Eindhoven and surroundings have been awarded with the status of Brainport by the Dutch government. This title means that Eindhoven is one of Europe’s most innovative high-tech regions and crucial to the Dutch economy. While Rotterdam and Schiphol are known for their logistic dominance, Eindhoven is renowned for technology and knowledge. The city is world leader in the development of new technologies and materials used for design, ICT, life-tech etcetera. In today’s business climate innovation is key: whether it concerns the creative industry or automotive technologies. This enriches your business as new ideas are broadly supported by the government and potential customers. 

Furthermore, famous companies like ASML, Philips and DAF are known for their outstanding skills and innovative ideas which attract talent to the Eindhoven region. Both small start-ups and established multinationals collaborate to maintain this international reputation. One example is the High Tech Campus, also known as the smartest square kilometer in the Netherlands. The presence of this science- and business park located in the south of Eindhoven is very valuable.

On top of that, the strong connection between the industry and the scientific institutions such as the Technical University of Eindhoven (TUe) makes Eindhoven more appealing as a location to start a business. You can benefit from the high general level of education in the Netherlands, as well as high standards for the English language. Together with an internationally-oriented workforce, this will help you find potential employees for your business.

If you decide to choose Eindhoven to start a business, you are in a unique environment with top companies, a developed knowledge structure and a well-educated workforce.

Doing business in Eindhoven

As discussed above, the reasons for starting a business in Eindhoven are clear. However, the actual process of starting a company can be more difficult. To successfully establish your business in Eindhoven, you have to consider Dutch rules, regulations and tax laws. For instance, entrepreneurs have to meet certain financial obligations and hand over annual reports. Van Eert Accountants and Advisers assists international companies in their search and establishment for businesses in Eindhoven and surroundings. We offer guidance during every step: from the first plans to a business that is up and running. In short, we can help you find your way in the Dutch business landscape.

Off to a flying start

If you consider making the move to Eindhoven, we are your partner when it comes to business advice and accounting. With our experience and international focus, the team of Van Eert Accountants and Advisers can assist you perfectly. You can rely on our services and local network among other things to find a location for your business, to register your company and to solve administrative issues like VAT. To find out what we can do to get you off to a flying start in Eindhoven, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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